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STAGES is a comprehensive model for adult development providing detailed maps for the stages of human evolution. As a Certified Assessor, Debriefer and Coach, Jason can help you explore and unlock more of your developmental potential.

STAGES is a comprehensive model of human development that provides a detailed account of how adults develop through their lives and through their engagement in the world. It was created by Terri O’Fallon PhD and is based on over 10 years of rigorous and ongoing research. STAGES describes the different levels that adults can grow through in their lives and provides detailed maps of what it means to be taking a different perspective on the world.

The STAGES website provides further information on the model and training programmes that are currently running.

The Leadership & Organisations STAGES Assessment is a confidential online tool used to determine your current level of development. It typically takes around an hour to complete and you receive a PDF and online results back within 3 – 4 weeks. Once your results are complete, you will have a one hour debriefing session to support you in exploring the details of your report, including:

  • your core stage of development, leading and trailing ‘edges’;
  • key themes covering your cognitive-emotional interior, action orientation, relationships, and how you view systems and structures;
  • key leadership qualities of your stage;
  • recommendations focused on your developmental trajectory;
  • detailed information on all of the different stages of development.

Jason is Certified by STAGES International to score, debrief and coach you on your Leadership & Organisations Assessment.

Jason is a STAGES Certified Coach and an Assistant Instructor on the STAGES Certification for Coaching, Counselling & Psychotherapy. He applies this knowledge in his coaching work, focusing in on the level of development that the client and their issue present at. This developmental approach means that issues are more cleanly identified and gives clients more opportunity to focus on resolving their issue.

Some typical client challenges that Jason has worked with include:

  • difficulties transitioning into a new stage of development,
  • broadening capacities into other areas of life,
  • changing unhealthy / unhelpful behaviours,
  • getting out of ‘shadow-crashes’,
  • resolving deep shadows that are causing pain and suffering.
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“Jason has had the most profound impact on my personal development over the past 4 years. He has deep knowledge in adult development and yet when I work with him, his presence, his soul and his loving kindness is what resonates. He is incredibly generous in sharing what he has to give. I love him!”

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