Practitioner Support

Development professionals need practical support too. Work 1:1 with an experienced coaching guide, or with a group of colleagues who are committed to transforming themselves.

Jason offers 1:1 support to a range of development practitioners (coaches, counsellors, consultants, OD professionals) to help them step back from their client challenges, explore their reactions and approach things from a different perspective. Sessions typically last for 60 minutes and are currently held online due to covid-19. Fees for these sessions range from £100 – £250 per hour (ex VAT) depending on your circumstances. 

Work starts with an introductory free call to assess compatibility, and then sessions are held when you need support. Sessions are emergent, allowing you to bring whatever personal or professional topic you wish to work on. Some clients are curious about working on their own interiors and shadows, others want to learn how to work in a more developmental way and are often profiled and debriefed using the STAGES Assessment.

Jason also facilitates small groups of coaches to support them in exploring their own development. Groups are typically composed of 4 – 6 individuals committed to working on their development for a 12 month period. Online sessions are held every 6 – 8 weeks and last for 3 – 4 hours. Fees for these sessions range from £100 to £250 (ex VAT) depending on client circumstances.

Typical sessions consist of time for connecting with peers, 2 x developmental sessions, and space to zoom out and focus on the developmental process of the group. Group members often complete a STAGES Assessment to support their development work and each group has a dedicated slack channel for inter-session communications and connection.

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“Working with Jason is a lot like Pilates for the soul, brain and body: challenging, stretching, uncomfortable & developmental. They both require me to be open, vulnerable, curious and brave but ultimately lead to me being more aware, humble and – hopefully – capable.”

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