Leader Coaching

Offering a safe space to explore your personal and organisational challenges. Discover how to free yourself up from the blocks to your growth. 

Our coaching sessions are currently held online due to covid-19 and typically last between 90 and 120 minutes. Work starts with an introductory free call to see if we are compatible, followed by a 3-way stakeholder conversation to contract around the desired outcomes for the coaching. Most leaders complete a leadership STAGES Assessment to become more aware of their stage of development and to identify useful practices to focus on. It can also sometimes be useful to gain further insights by gathering feedback from colleagues and stakeholders.

Most leaders want to realise sustainable changes and our coaching work will focus on both behavioural change and deeper work ‘below the surface’. It is usual for clients to engage in cycles of coaching for 12 – 18 months with sessions typically being held once a month. At key points in the work, additional 3-way sessions will be held to gain stakeholder observations about your progress. The work will conclude with a final 3-way and you will be invited to do a follow up assessment of your stage of development.

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“Jason is a valued adviser and mentor who has enabled me to see the potential in myself and broaden my horizons through sound questioning and healthy challenge. He has a capacity to strip back and focus on what is needed right now, and an exceptional ability to take complex ideas and information, distill them, and provide clarity and direction.”

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